Twitter 101 for Businesses

by Jennifer Good | October 16th, 2012 4:42 AM | No Comments

Twitter Basics

Twitter has changed the way we communicate 140 characters at a time. If you run a business, especially an online one, making the most of Twitter is something you do not want to overlook when putting together a marketing and promotion plan. The benefits of the platform are numerous and it’s something even the most novice computer user can use. In the spirit of making the most of Twitter, I’ve scoured the web for some of the best tutorials, advice and how-tos related to the social media site. Below, you’ll find tips for getting started, figuring our what to write, and finally some power user tips.

Getting Started

How To Create A Custom Twitter Background
As a marketer, you should never miss an opportunity for branding. Twitter is no exception. This guide will show you how to make and upload your custom Twitter background. Custom Twitter backgrounds are also a service I provide, if you desire someone else to create yours for you.

Writing Your Twitter Bio
Your bio is a key element to getting more followers. It explains what you’re doing and what type of person you are in a very brief and concise format.

How To Create a Twitter List
This guide is an older primer, but it’s still filled with great tips and advice on how to make the most of Twitter lists.

What To Write

50 Ways to Tweet
If you don’t know where to start, or what you should be tweeting, check out this guide first. It’s a huge reference that will spark your creativity and will give you quite a few great ideas.

Get More Twitter Followers
This is Chris Brogan’s short and sweet guide to getting more followers. It’s basic Twitter etiquette that makes an excellent primer for making the most of the platform.

Modeling Other Successful Twitter Users
They say imitation is the best form of flattery. Use these tips to make the most of Twitter by following the most successful Twitter users.

10 Traits of Highly Effective Twitter Users
More of a how-to-tweet guide than anything, these tips are perfect for getting your feet wet when you start tweeting.

Power Users

Search Twitter
Want to keep track of what’s trending? Need to find people in your niche or genre? Turn to the Twitter search.

Guide To Twitter Hashtags
Hashtags are tags that you can search by to find specific topics, groups or events, such as #quotes or #comiccon. This guide gives the breakdown on how to use them and some great 3rd party tools for finding hashtags.

Get More Twitter Followers
This is a creative list of ideas for getting more Twitter followers. Some of the ideas do not condone true relationship marketing, and you should always determine what your goal is in getting more followers before following any tips of this nature. Do you want to engage in real conversation and use your follower base as a true tool, or do you just want a high number of people who may or may not be interested in what you have to say?

This application lets you Tweet from multiple accounts (including other social platforms), set up notifications and much more, all from one central location.
Are you going to be away for a few days and don’t want to lose momentum? Using you can schedule your Tweets to be posted at specific times.

These are a few of my favorite resources. Help expand on this list and share yours!

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