Tutorial: Scheduling Posts for Facebook Page

by Jennifer Good | October 5th, 2012 9:49 PM | No Comments

Scheduling Facebook Posts

Recently Facebook has added a new feature to the Facebook Pages admin that allows you to schedule posts in advance. The benefits to this new feature are numerous.

1. You can schedule posts for days (think weekends) when you’re not going to be as active online to keep up brand awareness.

2. You may want to schedule posts for various times of the day when you wouldn’t normally post. This allows you to reach more people that may not normally see your posts due to different time zones.

3. Having at least one to two scheduled posts a day allows you a bit of freedom to take the time to actually network and respond to comments.

4. Scheduling posts in advance forces you to create a social media editorial calendar, which will keep you more organized and efficient.

The best part about scheduling the posts is it’s super easy to do. It only takes one extra step than posting as usual. For a complete breakdown on how to this, see below:

Scheduling Facebook Posts1. Write your status update as normal.

2. Instead of clicking the POST button as usual, click the tiny clock icon in the left corner of the status update box.

Scheduling Facebook Posts
3. Set the future date and time you would like the status to be posted.

4. Click schedule.

Note: If you haven’t yet, you will have to set a “started” date for your business or brand before you use the scheduling feature. Facebook will prompt you do so, if needed, when you go to schedule your first post.

Want to change the time the posts is schedule for or cancel a scheduled post? You can view all scheduled posts through the activity log in the admin panel. You can access your activity log by clicking on the EDIT PAGE button and selecting “USE ACTIVITY LOG” from the drop down menu. From there you will not only see your scheduled posts, but also all the activity on your Facebook Page.

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