I’m a passionate entrepreneur who loves to work on projects that offer creative challenges and learning experiences. I love everything I do and do just about everything. As founder of a multitude of companies, my experience in the online realm is extremely vast. However, my main speciality is building high traffic community-based websites.

My online story starts with my first pet project, Lovingyou.com. What started as a personal homepage, Lovingyou.com became a leading online women’s destination website and the number one website for relationship advice and ideas. During my years owning the site, I grew it to a top 1,000 website with over 2 million unique visitors per month. This experience married my skills as a content editor, graphic artist and web designer with my previous background in sales, community building and marketing. This site was built on a shoestring budget without a penny spent on advertising. Even now, the SEO I put in place continues to dominate the search engines. The amount of knowledge that I learned from the 12 years working on this site and surviving the “dot com bust” is unmeasurable.

When I sold the site, I decided to take a break, refocus and determine what it was I really wanted to do. During this time, I have been constantly asked, in a multitude of ways, how to be successful online. The problem is you can’t just tell someone in the span of a passing conversation how to create a business or make your current online presence more profitable. This led me to the desire to create a space where I can carry on a daily conversation with anyone who wanted to know more. Thus the creation of this site, a place where I can impart my little bits of online wisdom, share great ideas, hopefully inspire a few people and in return meet inspiring people.

Some places my work has been featured: Ladies Home Journal, Entertainment Weekly, Yahoo! Magazine, Netscape, AOL, ThirdAge and many more.

Current Projects/Businesses

Good Creations! – Web Design, Marketing & Consulting
Currently, you’ll find me sharing my knowledge of the online realm via my marketing and web development firm, Good Creations. As president, my role involves creating successful online and offline strategies that enable companies to thrive and flourish through their web presence. This can include anything from beginning market research to custom-created online marketing and development strategies.